dimanche 13 décembre 2009

who never dreamed to make money online ?
i bet that if your are sitting here reading this blog you have already made several attempts to do so. Some of you might also invested some money in their last attempt and end up loosing all. Well today is a lucky day, if you are willing to spend 20 minure per day on the internet i will get you started doing cash from the confort of your home.

Here is a global view of what we will start with

First please visit this link
Getting you registered to this will allow you to follow a free professional
coaching system who will add knowledge to my blog posts.

Here is a list of your first thing to do to get you setup with your future ressources.

1.0 go to , register you a blog account there is free.
Once you signed up there , login to your blog , go to customize and create a
google adsense account. It might take up to 24 hours before you can loggin
using your blog ID and your blog password to

2.0 go to register an account there its gonna be
optional to use if in this tutorial but this can help to generate more traffic to your website. I recommend using this feature a bit later, once we will have made
few bucks from our website. At least you will already have the accout registered and you will be ready. No need to suybmit any paymenty form while we create the account.
This process will usually take on this 24 hours also.

3.0 go to, create you a free account too, publishing using this tool will get your website listed within google search top pages. This will be used afterward to redirect traffic to your blog for your own visibility.

I will follow up next week with what to do with what we did today, at least you can sleep quietly tonight, you are on the run and you will be able to get a free income via internet. I invite readers to contact me at if you have questions.

Best regards,
Your web coach
Yan Desjardins